WILDE Readings

WILDE Reading brings the genius of Oscar Wilde to the stage in a compact tour de force of some of his most dazzling moments in theatre, prose and poetry. Stalwarts of Australian stage and screen, John Wood and Michael Veitch, are joined by some wonderful new musical and dramatic talent for an evening of wit, charm and elegance, all in the name of that great, larger-than-life Irishman, Oscar Wilde. 

We'll bring you a selection of some of his most delicious characters in their most memorable stage scenes: poor Ernest Worthing attempting to explain that particular inscription in his cigarette case; Lord Goring's awkward reacquaintance with the alluring Mrs Cheverley, and of course, she of the famous 'handbag' scene, the redoubtable Lady Bracknell. 

Let us reacquaint you with favourites such as the moving genius of the Ballad of Reading Gaol, usually performed by a male, our version with Abigail Pettigrew will reframe the experience; the chilling undertones of Dorian Grey; and the tragic beauty of Wilde's Nightingale and the Rose soaring with original vocals and exquisite cello accompaniment. 

Let us read to you, play for you and sing the song of a Nightingale. All in the name of Oscar Wilde

Wilde Readings

"The performances were as I had imagined, but were much more than I had imagined – meaning that you brought much more than I could have anticipated. They really all were fantastic, but the last piece – The Nightingale & the Rose; with Michael, Tom & Rose is something for the ages. That song will haunt me forever (in a good way.)"

Patrick Watt, Program Director, Yarra Ranges Regional Museum

"Captivating! It was funny, poignant and extraordinarily beautiful. I could watch the whole thing again." Audience member

Simon Oats & Michael Veitch

Simon Oats & Michael Veitch

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WILDE Readings illuminates the work of Oscar Wilde by using various creative expressions in the re-telling of his words. By utilising the style of 'readings' and performance while incorporating music throughout, this is an accessible and emotive evening that celebrates this legend of the English language. Both theatre patrons and students alike will leave delighted, and wanting more.

Lovers of Oscar Wilde
Fans of John Wood and Michel Veitch
English lit students
Book clubs
Those with love of, or a connection to, Ireland 
VCE Students - English + Drama
Youth drama and music students



workshop - Presenting Prose for Stage

Oscar Wilde intended his poetry to be performed in public, almost as much as his plays, which is one of the reasons his famous Ballad of Reading Gaol remains one of the most performed poems of all time. But what are the tricks to performing poetry such as Wilde's? Where are the dividing lines between acting and reciting?

John Wood has been a lifelong lover of poetry and has read out loud to audiences for years. Simon Oats is a much in demand story-teller. Both bring a unique skill set to this most specialised aspect of public performance. 

Highly suited to VCE English & Drama

Wilde Readings

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An Oscar Wilde night of readings accompanied by music & song. This video is the second half - the more dramatic end of the show. With Rosie Lane vocals and Tom Veitch on cello The Nightingale & the Rose came to life. Enquiries: ideas@chestercreative.net